Telluride Mountainfilm 2011

Mountainfilm is quite arguably the best festival Telluride has to offer. It may not be as big of a party as Bluegrass, or have as many celebrities as the Film Fest, but it has the greatest impact culturally, socially and environmentally of any of the festivals. Mountainfilm brings the World’s best documentary film makers, environmental activists, back-country athletes, and counter-cultural authors to Telluride to participate in panels, film screenings, and calls to action.

This year, Mountainfilm brought over 76 films, and 40 official guests to a town that has only one full time movie theater. Many community venues around town are transformed into theaters.  This was the first year for Town Park to host Base Camp, a free theater on the Bluegrass stage. This was also my first year as a Mountainfilm Staff Photographer! My position was to update our social media sites with images every day. The festival begins every year with a film-makers picnic at the West Meadows. Having received quite a bit of snow the day before, the weather broke quite nicely for this year’s event.

The Moving Mountain Symposium was a series of lectures and panel discussions with a few short films on the topic of action, or how to become an activist. Wade Davis, Tim DeChristopher, Hilton Kelley, Maria Gunnoe, Katie Lee, Tom Shadiac and David Holebrooke led the discussions on the topics of water, coal, pollution, and activism.

One of the great things about Mountainfilm is the ammount of money that is raised for various causes. On this day, $1000s of dollars were raised from the audience to go to stopping mountain top removal in West Virginia.






In addition to films and lectures, other great events include, with near perfect weather was the ice cream social on main street and the closing awards picnic.

Roko Belic


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